Language Resources


A few online English learning resources

Dictionaries, etc.

English-English dictionary. Also excellent British and American pronunciation. Use the widget or this link to the actual dictionary site.

Danish-English, English-Danish dictionary among other languages. Refreshingly different from other dictionaries. New words and terms are added upon request. Can sometimes seem a little inadequate for advanced use. Some upper secondary schools use it as a standard dictionary. More than 10 references per day require a subscription. Chat help function.

Gambits / Gambitter

Essential words and phrases to use when you meet people and start a dialogue, give feedback, etc.


Link to extensive list of gambits explained in Danish (Mikkel Kiilerich).


Grammar Examples


* Classical or religious names like Jesus and Sophocles add only the apostrophe - not 's.

British and American spelling

Some very good reasons for an English course

Mr, Mrs, Miss & Ms and the American Mr., Mrs., Miss, & Ms. and about the use ot these forms of address

(Lower case initial letters and full stops / preiods can be seen when used in other languages to correspond to the orthographic rules in question).


Terms and usage explained at

Vocabulary builders, crossword puzzles and word games

Old-fashioned educational word games and crosswords. Some are easy, some for people in the trade. These are still a valuable source for learning new vocabulary. Some are excellent to solve as group work. The crosswords should be in print for this use. Click on the crossword. Have fun ;-)

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