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Just a few tear sheets

Uses of video clips in films and productions are often difficult to trace as credits are only given to the agency. This clip of the Danish national flag, the Dannebrog, waving in the wind, was found in the DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) comprehensive series about the History of Denmark (Historien om Danmark) - episode 4 - The Early Middle Ages, slightly cropped and colour graded, 41 minutes into the episode. It may have been bought via another agency than Pond5, though.

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This image was used as part of a feature in Kristeligt Dagblad, a Danish national newspaper, about the illumination of symbols around the world after the tragic terror attacks in Paris in November 2015. Click on the image or the link to see the feature in Kristeligt Dagblad.

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Image used in the Danish national newspaper 'Information' in an article about a reform of the public sector. A group of demonstrating teachers are on their way to the demonstration at Christiansborg, the Danish parliament building, with a cardboard figure depicting "The Danish Model" (the Danish labour market regulation) being stabbed and carved into pieces by the Danish Minister of Finance, Bjarne Corydon. 40,000 teachers from all over Denmark demonstrated in front of Christiansborg against the ongoing lockout of teachers and the government's reform plans to cut teacher preparation to finance longer school days. Click on the image to see the article in Information.

Un baƱo en Copencabana -

A bathroom in Copencabana

This image was used in an article in the major Spanish newspaper EL PAIS about North Sealand and Copenhagen.

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