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Corporate English Courses in Denmark

Is your company looking for English courses to upgrade your employees' or colleagues' general communication skills or achieve specific proficiencies in English? In oral or written, everyday, business or technical English - English for presentation, conference or negotiation, or English for telephone, e-mail, and front desk.

Experienced English teacher with a varied background in the teaching English as a foreign language and English usage in many ways (see the brief CV below) - offers personalised and customised English courses from basic to advanced levels in small or medium-sized groups on your premises. (Preferably in the Greater Copenhagen area - longer courses and day courses anywhere in Denmark).


Please contact for further information, offers, references or perhaps an appointment for a non-committal meeting to 'see the lion' and discuss the various opportunities and the tailoring of courses to fit your requirements and expectations. (Please use the contact form - either below or in top menu).


Niels Quist

Curriculum Vitae


• Studies in commercial English along with training and job in international shipping



• Teacher’s Certificate Exam – English as a main.


• Taught secondary classes in English as a foreign language in the Danish school

system for more than two decades.


• As an ICT teacher for 18 years used to combine the teaching of ICT and the teaching

of English, also in cross-curricular projects.


• Worked as a freelance translator of English for several years (mainly technical English to

Danish). Worked regularly for one of the major international translation agencies

requiring high accuracy.


• English teacher at official Danish labour market courses in various fields since 2008

(basic and advanced AMU courses).


• Have run customised English courses for the workplace at different levels on companies'




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